My services are “client-driven” which means you are the driving force in your own personal evolution. One of the core principles we will use is conscious choice – so it just makes sense for scheduling to be your choice.


We’ll start at the beginning with a 90 minute session called Discovery. In this session, we co-design how we will work together. We’ll talk about what you want to get out of coaching, look at where you are, and get clarity on who and where you want to be.

Next, we’ll set up a monthly program of regular sessions by Zoom or by phone. Most people choose a half hour session three times a month but I’m flexible and it’s really up to you. Some clients thrive on choosing from options while others want to discover a solution for themselves. I’m comfortable with both and pretty much anything in between.

I also offer monthly clients a quick 5-10 minute Laser session for time sensitive issues needing focus and am available by email and text message.


Coaching by Zoom or in person creates a unique sense of focus and flexibility. The rate is $200/hour plus applicable tax. (for example, 3 half hour sessions per month is $300 plus tax per month)

Some people prefer coaching in person. The rate is $250/hour plus applicable tax. (for example, 3 half hour sessions per month is $375 plus tax per month)


I don’t particularly love packages but some people do so if that’s you, here you go…

  • 3 month coaching package – Discovery session plus 6 half hour sessions ($750 + tax = $50 savings)
  • 6 month coaching package – Discovery session plus 12 half hour sessions ($1300 + tax = $100 savings)

*** If you are already a current client, the Discovery session will be swapped for 2 additional sessions.

While packages are intended to lock in commitment and incentivize paying ahead, I honor these rates for those who wish to commit to the timeframe and pay monthly, providing access to the financial savings for those who aren’t able to pay a lump sum in advance.


If you have coached with me previously and would like to resume coaching, I offer a Reconnect package. This gives you 6 half hour sessions that may be used over a 3 month period. ($550 plus tax)

“Apples to Oranges” Package

This is a decision making coaching package that combines coaching and an interactive tool to help you through clarifying options and making a choice. Over three sessions, we will take options that are different from each other and help you figure out what are the root factors in the decision and how they weigh in importance to you. In a sense, it helps you quantify what can be a very strong emotional decision. The package consists of an initial 30 minute consultation to talk through the context and define factors. The following 2 hour session will walk through and weigh the components of your decision. We will follow up with a 30 minute coaching call within two weeks to provide accountability and support you in your choice. This package is $595 plus tax.

Try a 20/20 coaching session

If you’re not ready for commitment yet, a 20/20 session is a great way to get clear vision or drill down on a single area. At $20 (including taxes) and 20 minutes, this is a great way to get a taste of the coaching I offer. We will spend 20 minutes coaching and then have time for a debrief and answer any questions you have.

Read the Testimonials to see what my clients say about working with me.

Where do you want to be? Tell me… and let’s get you there.

*All prices are quoted in CDN $. GST will be applied to all Canadian clients.