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Tis the season… to be focused

Coaching is about perfecting that perfection... 😉

My TCM doctor and good friend Dr. Melissa Carr said the other day, “The New Year is a great time for me to find referrals for you because people are taking stock of their life, what they want to do, what they didn’t do last year. It is a good opportunity to introduce coaching to them.” So true.

What did you set out to do last year (maybe in the form of a resolution)? How did it go? What support structures did you have in place to assist you? Did you meet or exceed your goal? If so, way to go!!! If not, what did you do instead?

Making a resolution is the first step... then there's the follow through


What are your dreams and goals for the coming year? What is different about this year?

Who are you becoming? Who are you leaving behind?

Where are you now?

What would support look like for you to accomplish what you want?

What is your focus this year?


Working with a coach will help you clarify your goals, create an action plan and have accountability to make it happen. Try a 20/20 session with me to pinpoint a goal for this year.


In Joy,


Making the most of your vacation

Check out my guest post on creating a fulfilling vacation on the BNI Amplify Health and Wellness team blog.

Staying in character

Vancouver is known for many things:
– Spectacular scenery (rainforest, desert, mountains, ocean – we have it all!)
– Hosting world class events like the 2009 World Police and Fire Games, the 2006 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships and the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics
– Friendly people
– Close proximity to 3 local mountains for after-work ski/snowboarding/mountain biking as well as a quick drive to world famous Whistler Blackcomb ski resort
– Having the busiest sea port in Canada
– The nickname “Hollywood North” for being 3rd largest film production centre in North America

Last week, Vancouver hit the headlines for another reason: post-Stanley Cup riots. This was the Vancouver I saw from my balcony:

Vancouver riot fire
Vancouver post-Stanley Cup riot fire

Now there are ongoing debates as to who is at fault, how it could have been prevented, what is the fall out and kids these days… what really caught my ear was hearing people that were involved in looting, setting vehicles on fire, destroying public property and/or taunting police say that their behavior was “out of character” for them.

The curious juxtaposition for me is that Vancouver is home to a vibrant film, television and theater scene. We create great entertainment here and part of why it works is that actors create characters that we believe.  There is an acting term called “staying in character”. This means that the actor responds and acts in the way that his or her character would. Instead of seeing an actor going through the motions of a line or action, we, the audience, see the character. When an actor breaks character, or doesn’t act in the way that their character would, the effect on the audience is that they are no longer able to suspend their disbelief and believe in the character.

This brings up some great coaching questions:

– where are you “out of character” or out of integrity?

– what does it feel like when you are “in character” or in your integrity?

– what stands out about your character?

– what would you like to strengthen about your character?

– what does “I’m sorry” mean to you?

In Joy,


Making decisions: Apples to Oranges

Decision Making Process with a Personal CoachNot all fruit are created equal.

Decisions in grown up life are rarely simple. They tend to be less of “blue cup or red cup” and more like move to Toronto for a great job opportunity or start your own business here. I call these “Apples to Oranges” decisions.

Coaching can help you through the decision making process by taking “Apples to Oranges” options and helping you figure out what are the root factors in the decision and how they weigh in importance to you. In a sense, it helps you quantify what can be a very strong emotional decision.

If you are facing an “Apples to Oranges” decision in your life or business, consider how coaching may help. For more details on my “Apples to Oranges” package, click here.