The Gift of Pain

The Gift of Pain

Here is an article I wrote for Dr. Melissa Carr‘s newsletter about pain:

Now you may be thinking, “Isn’t that just like a coach to try to spin the good into every situation…” Pain is one way that our bodies communicate with us that things aren’t going well. Regardless of the type of pain – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or how you experience it – there is information there.

The gift of pain is an awareness that all is not right in our world. It’s like the fire alarm going off on one floor of a multi-story building. One alternative is to close off the floor and not go there anymore. Another is to turn off the alarm and continue business as usual. Or run around yelling about how the building is on fire. Or sit in hopelessness that the fire is probably going to spread and burn down the whole place. Or call in the firefighters… Or an electrician to examine the wiring… Or…

How we are with our pain is related to what we do about it. Emotional pain is often ignored or suppressed. The expression “Time heals all wounds” gives hope that the sharpness of the pain will fade and soon disappear. The thing is that unless the cause of the pain is resolved, it will eventually pop back up again, often when we least expect it and with a vengeance. Sometimes with physical pain, we take painkillers or try to ‘push through it’, hoping that our body will resolve the issue on its own. Or we can choose to seek out the help of a specialist, like a doctor or TCM, to find the source of the injury and heal it.

You get to choose. Coaching is one way to really feel your area(s) of pain, explore the possibilities and then choose how you want to address it.

The ultimate gift of pain is the opportunity to connect with ourselves, choose a path and seek healing.

In Joy,