We have a new addition to our family. Her name is Emily and she is a sweet as can be. She has dark, inquisitive eyes and brown and light hair. We weren’t expecting her arrival but now that she is here, we love her to bits.

Emily, our new pet rat

Emily is my teenage daughter’s pet rat. My daughter wasn’t able to care for her and asked us to foster Emily. I have to admit that the idea of having a rat in the house was not appealing to begin with. I thought rats were dirty and sneaky… and then there is the tail… Regardless, the rat arrived and so I researched how to take care of her and adjusted living space to make room for her cage and supplies. Rats are actually very clean animals and extremely intelligent. I *think* that I have trained Emily to jump and to climb down and I’m working on getting her to ride in my hoodie. For the most part, my roles and responsibilities are pretty straightforward. There are a ton of websites but they all seem to be pretty consistent in the recipe for a happy, well cared for rat.

The aforementioned teenager who owns the rat… not so straightforward.