March 6th Workshop – Communicate with Style: DiSC Basics

March 6th Workshop – Communicate with Style: DiSC Basics

This is another evening option for the DiSC Basics workshop.

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do? Or why you click naturally with some people and not with others?  This 3 hour workshop introduces the DiSC profile of four behavioural styles to help you understand your personal style. Raising your awareness of your natural preferences will empower you to connect with your innate talent and abilities and use them to connect more powerfully with other people.

Benefits of this workshop:

  • Understand the 4 basic behavioural styles (DiSC)
  • Have a clear understanding of your personal style
  • Learn about what issues are important to you in communication
  • Have a strategy to interact more effectively

This workshop is ideal for sales people, managers, team members and business owners.


Simple. Practical. Powerful.

*Registration closes for this event at noon on Friday, March 2nd.