Tis the season… to be focused

Tis the season… to be focused

Coaching is about perfecting that perfection... 😉

My TCM doctor and good friend Dr. Melissa Carr said the other day, “The New Year is a great time for me to find referrals for you because people are taking stock of their life, what they want to do, what they didn’t do last year. It is a good opportunity to introduce coaching to them.” So true.

What did you set out to do last year (maybe in the form of a resolution)? How did it go? What support structures did you have in place to assist you? Did you meet or exceed your goal? If so, way to go!!! If not, what did you do instead?

Making a resolution is the first step... then there's the follow through


What are your dreams and goals for the coming year? What is different about this year?

Who are you becoming? Who are you leaving behind?

Where are you now?

What would support look like for you to accomplish what you want?

What is your focus this year?


Working with a coach will help you clarify your goals, create an action plan and have accountability to make it happen. Try a 20/20 session with me to pinpoint a goal for this year.


In Joy,