School 2020 Decision-making Clarity tool

So many emotions and thoughts have been swirling around as I wonder about my kids’ return to school this year and what that might look like.

I felt so much peace of mind once my husband and I made a decision that aligned with what was important to us.

I know we aren’t alone in feeling overwhelmed with a tough decision, little control and a looming deadline. 

I’ve created a decision making tool to help other parents sort through the factors that are important to them and then weigh their options.

The options on pages 3 and 4 are specific to British Columbia but if you are outside of this area, cross off what doesn’t apply or add your own options. 

The file is a PDF. I really recommend printing it out and completing it with pen on paper.

If you would like a complimentary, 20 minute coaching session to laser focus in on one area, message me.

I’m here to help. 

Click Here to download the School 2020 Decision-making Clarity tool

Anne Whitmore - Divafish - School 2020 Decision-making Clarity tool