March 19th Workshop – Communicating with Style: DiSC Basics

I have two evening workshops coming up on using the DiSC Profile to understand your own style in behavior and communication. The first one is on February 27th. 

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do? Or why you click naturally with some people and not with others?  This 3 hour workshop introduces the DiSC profile of four behavioural styles to help you understand your personal style. Raising your awareness of your natural preferences will empower you to connect with your innate talent and abilities and use them to connect more powerfully with other people.

Do you have what it takes?

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Only 1 in 2 small businesses will survive more than five years.

1 in 2.
That is as bad as the divorce rate.

In the face of such odds, fortunately Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute has looked at small businesses and identified six traits of successful owners. Here is what they say are common qualities that may predict small business leaders who will beat the odds: